Payroll made simple.

Before coming to us many of our clients viewed payroll as a stressful, time-consuming, chore. Manual data entry; calculating taxes, deductions, statutory pay; and EI… there’s a lot to handle, and if something goes wrong you could be facing angry employees, costly errors, or expensive penalties. The good news is it doesn’t have to be this way. CPA Plus can help you setup cloud-based payroll software that streamlines the entire process, so that you and your employees aren’t wasting time on tasks that software can handle. We can even help you setup and run third-party software that will let you track and approve employee hours with just a few clicks. Stop losing hours of productivity to time-tracking, calculating deductions, sending out paychecks, and entering manual data. We help Canadian businesses automate payroll with simple intuitive cloud-based payroll solutions that employees love.

With the right online payroll solutions, you can:

  • Automate Direct Payments
  • Ensure Accurate Deductions
  • Easily Manage Vacation Time and Track Hours
  • Submit, Approve, and Reimburse Expenses
  • Improve Productivity
  • Increase Morale
  • And More!

Focus on getting paid, not running payroll.

A small business is a big time-commitment. That’s why our company’s online payroll services help small businesses owners handle any payroll task they don’t have time for. We even offer customizable payroll tax services, and a full suite of online corporate payroll services to clients in Ottawa and across Canada, including tax preparation and filing, so you can choose the payroll services that fit your business. Let us take on your payroll tasks, so you can spend time growing your business.