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We Offer Custom Plans for Every Client

We don’t believe in cookie cutter pricing models that charge you for work we did for someone else. Each of our clients is different. Their businesses are different. Their accounting situation is different. And their needs are different. We believe those differences matter and that’s why we offer pricing plans customized to each client’s specific needs – every time. It’s also why you won’t find any prices on our pricing page. What you will find is our commitment to understand your business and our promise to offer upfront prices that you can count on.

Our Upfront Pricing Promise

Ready to get to work? That’s great, but not so fast. First we’ll chat about your business and your needs. Then we’ll offer a range of solutions that cover exactly what you need with clear prices. Once you’ve decided what services you want, when, and for what price, we’ll send you an engagement letter outlining exactly what work we’ll do and what it will cost. Period. No hourly billing, no hidden charges, no surprises.

Some common pricing questions:

  • Why are there no prices here?
    The honest answer is that we don’t know what your price is – yet. Let’s be clear. We’ve done this for hundreds of clients. And we know what it takes to make businesses financially successful. But until we know what makes your specific situation unique there’s no way to be sure you won’t be overcharged for something you don’t need or undercharged for something essential, leading to delays and overages. Any company that tries to sell you on pre-priced packages is just recycling an old formula they’ve used for someone else and hoping it works for you. We promise to do things differently.
  • How do we know that you’ll give us a fair price?
    Because we don’t make the price. You do. Or rather we both do – together. When we agree to work with you we promise to take the time to understand you and your unique situation and then design a package that we’re both happy with before we start billing for any work.
  • Can I choose different levels of service?
    Yep. We understand that budgets can be tight and just because you might want to upgrade some aspect of your business it doesn’t mean that you can do it all at once. That’s why we offer different service levels to choose from, so you can get started right away with the essentials and upgrade to higher-level services later when you decide you’re ready.
  • What kinds of services do you offer?
    Our team of business and financial specialists offer everything from personal and small business tax planning to bookkeeping, payroll, consultation, tax preparation, technology integration and a whole lot more.  Check out our services in the main menu above and take a look at our about page to get a sense of what you get when you work with us.

Ready to get started?

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